Published: May 27, 2023

Category: Market News

Ciranda’s new line of organic and non-GMO reduced sugar syrups from agave and tapioca can be used as a single syrup replacement for traditional syrups or combined to create the perfect sweetener solution for food applications.

  • Tapioca Syrup RS18 is a clear, mildly viscous syrup produced from tapioca starch using non-GMO enzymes. It has a sweetness similar to Ciranda’s tapioca syrup DE40, but with 38% less sugar. Tapioca syrup RS18 also has exceptional film-forming and binding properties typically found in lower DE syrups, making it an effective single syrup solution in bars, confections, and gummy supplements.
  • Organic Agave Syrup AL40 is a sweet, amber-colored syrup produced by hydrolyzing the carbohydrates in the Blue Agave plant using enzymes. The enzymes convert a portion of the fructose into allulose, resulting in a sweet syrup with 40% less sugar and 40% fewer calories than Ciranda’s standard agave syrup. Use AL40 agave syrup to create better labels in frozen desserts, beverages, and cereals.
  • Organic Agave Syrup IN10 is a light amber syrup produced by hydrolyzing the naturally occurring carbohydrates in the Blue Agave plant. It has 9% less sugar and 8% fewer calories than Ciranda’s standard agave syrup, with 10% of the solids retained as prebiotic inulin fiber. Organic Agave Syrup IN10 can help you achieve better labels in functional food and beverage applications.

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