Published: April 8, 2021

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The Chinese government has never allowed domestic planting of GM corn and soybean varieties, but it is nearing approval of two modified crops.

The push reflects a desire for greater food security—China currently is a very large importer of corn and soybeans. The glufosate and glufosinate-resistant soybean DBN9004 has already received approval in Argentina; the corn variety, DBN9501, is resistant to the fall armyworm pest. Both were developed by Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co Ltd.

Last year China broke a decade-long trend by approving three domestic GM crops as safe. In January 2021, the agriculture ministry also approved two new GM corn varieties for import, Bayer’s MON87411, resistant to insects and glyphosate, and Syngenta’s MZIR098 combatting rootworm.

Meanwhile, the ministry has revealed that eight companies and institutes are illegally producing or researching GM seeds. Two GM corn and four GM cotton varieties were confiscated and fines were levied. Illegal seed has to be eliminated from the market before regulated GM crops are commercialized, said the experts.

Source: Successful Farming

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