Published: November 29, 2023

Category: Regenerative Agriculture

The California Department of Food and Agriculture, in collaboration with the State Board of Food and Agriculture, will be hosting five public listening sessions to receive comments that will help define “regenerative agriculture” for state policies and programs. The first listening session will be held December 6.

As interest in “regenerative agriculture” continues to grow, we are seeing the introduction and evolution of the term in California policies and programs.

The California State Board of Food and Agriculture, as advisory body to the Governor and CDFA Secretary, is positioned to advise on how the State’s farmers, ranchers and consumers may be best served by agricultural policies in the state. Incorporating a definition of regenerative agriculture for state policies and programs provides a science-based criterion for the designation or recognition of the term “regenerative” in agriculture-related policies of the state. By defining “regenerative agriculture” and its associated practices, we are working to formalize holistic methods of farming that are designed to protect, sustain and enhance natural resources on our farms and farming communities throughout California.

The public listening sessions will help to inform the State Board’s process, to help provide recommendations on a definition of “regenerative agriculture.” Updates on the public listening sessions and the process for defining “regenerative agriculture” are available at:

Source: California Department of Food and Agriculture

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