Published: June 9, 2021

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The claim has been made many times, a humanitarian call that hides a profit-driven motive: genetically modified foods are needed to “feed the world.” The leaders of Monsanto said it, and other GMO proponents have said it. Now the CEO of an Argentine biotech company is saying it.

Federico Trucco, the chief executive officer of Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp., is predicting massive food shortages due to climate change, and that his company’s GMO wheat offers a solution to the problem. Bioceres has developed a drought-resistant GMO wheat.

Trucco says policymakers and regulators need to approve new GMO crops due to the challenges of climate change, which threatens agricultural production.

While most GMO corn and soybeans are used for animal feed or ethanol production, Bioceres’ GMO wheat would be used to make food products such as breads, pasta, and others, for human consumption.

GMO wheat has never come to market because of food industry opposition, as well as rejection in European and Japanese markets. But Argentina has approved Bioceres’ GMO wheat and the company hopes to get approval in Brazil this year.

Source: Bloomberg News

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