Published: March 29, 2022

Category: Non-GMO News

Benson Hill food tech company has launched a new line of domestically sourced, non-GMO plant-based protein ingredients with unique sustainability benefits. The TruVail brand derives from proprietary Ultra-High Protein (UHP) soybeans, reducing need for additional processing steps typically required to concentrate protein levels. The non-GMO ingredient can be used for bakery, cereal, snacks, and meat extension as well as emerging alternative plant-based protein markets.

The brand’s initial offering includes high protein soy flour, a less processed equivalent to soy protein concentrate (SPC), and texturized proteins for broad use across traditional soy protein applications as well as plant-based uses.

The reduced processing leads to 70% less water usage and 50% less CO2 compared to SPC production. Benson Hill’s closed loop farming provides a traceable supply chain; the company also works with farmers to promote sustainable practices.

Source: Benson Hill

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