Organic pioneer David Vetter to keynote Organic & Non-GMO Forum

Published: August 1, 2019

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A trailblazing organic farmer from Nebraska and founder of Grain Place Foods, David Vetter, will present the keynote address at the fifth annual Organic and Non-GMO Forum in October.

The event will feature a screening of a recent documentary, “Dreaming of a Vetter World” (Bonnie Hawthorne, producer) about Vetter’s journey into organic farming. Inspired by the groundbreaking practices of his father Donald begun in 1953, Vetter Farms—280 acres in Nebraska—grows organic soybeans, heirloom barley, perennial grasses, legumes and popcorn. Stewarding and soil preservation form the foundation of the farm, growing out of Donald’s insight that poisoning the air and earth with chemical fertilizers and pesticides and destroying soil was simply the wrong approach.

“We grow a variety crops in a complex nine-year rotation,” said Vetter. “We view our farm as an organism where each part helps the other part. I tend to look at things a lot more long-term than others and I’m willing to settle for less in the short term for greater potential long-term success.”

David’s chief concern is introduction of new agricultural technologies that are not yet understood or managed.

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