Non-GMO Project rolls out 10th Annual Non-GMO Month with 1,000 North American retailers

Published: October 2, 2019

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As new GMOs emerge, potentially unregulated and unlabeled, the Project’s work has never been more important for consumers who want to avoid unnatural foods, supplements and body care products 

This October, the Non-GMO Project will collaborate with 1,000 North American retailers for the 10th annual Non-GMO Month. During the 4-week campaign, retailers will share information about old and new GMOs, promote Non-GMO Project Verified products, and help consumers “make their mother (Earth) proud” by encouraging them to shop their sustainability values.

Make Your Mother Proud Non-GMO Month poster

This year’s campaign will shed light on emerging genetic engineering trends such as gene editing and synthetic biology, as well as new GMO products like genetically engineered salmon, and plant-based meat that “bleeds.” The campaign encourages shoppers to buy natural, non-GMO and organic alternatives that carry the widely recognized butterfly logo. 

Participating retailers will promote the Non-GMO Project mission via in-store displays, canvas tote bags, educational materials, digital communications and more. Beyond the benefit of consumer awareness, retailers historically have seen a 17 % increase in sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products during the month, and have generated donations to the non-profit, which is dedicated to non-GMO choices and education.  

Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project, said, “When we launched the first Non-GMO Month, our intent was to start an annual month-long celebration to educate the public and spotlight Non-GMO Project Verified choices on shelves. Today, those products represent more than $30 billion in annual sales, so people really are voting with their dollars for a non-GMO future. Despite consumers consistently demanding GMO transparency, biotech companies are still trying to deceive or confuse us with new genetic engineering techniques and products that may not be regulated or labelled.” 

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