2018 Non-GMO and Organic Grain Production Contracts

Published: January 27, 2018

Category: Organic and Non-GMO Market News

The following companies are offering contracts to farmers to grow non-GMO and organic grains in 2018.

Bunge Milling
Crete, NE

  • Phone: 402-826-0034
  • Email: randy.edwards@bunge.com
  • Contact: Randy Edwards
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO corn, organic corn, transitional corn

Citizens LLC
Charlotte MI

  • Phone: 517-541-1449
  • Email: bwymer@citizenselevator.com
  • Contact: Bruce Wymer
  • Contracts offered: Identity Preserved soybeans for tofu, miso, soy milk, and natto.

Clarkson Grain Company, Inc.
Cerro Gordo, IL

  • Phone: 800-252-1638
  • Email: info@clarksongrain.com
  • Contact: Haley Wade, Ashley Brown, Jim Traub, Matt Durbin
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans and corn, organic: soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, barley.

F.W. Cobs Company, Inc.
St. Albans, VT (facilities: Council Bluffs, IA, Stewart, MN, Grove City, MN, Saint Ansgar, IA, Loreburn, SK)

  • Phone: 888-531-4888
  • Email: info@fwcobs.com
  • Contact: Kurt Wetzell
  • Contracts offered: Certified organic corn, barley, wheat, soybeans, rye, screenings, peas, oats and more.

Grain Millers, Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN

  • Phone: 952-983-1289
  • Email: Craig.tomera@grainmillers.com
  • Contact: Craig Tomera
  • Contracts offered: Organic and non-GMO food-grade soybeans, organic food- and feed-grade corn.

Grain Place Foods, Inc.
Marquette, NE

Meadowland Soy
Mapleton, MN

  • Phone: 507-459-5151
  • Email: meadowlandsoy@gmail.com
  • Contact: Lon Baldus
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans, 2.0 maturity and others.

Miller Hybrids
Kalona, IA

  • Phone: 319-656-2532
  • Email: millerhybrids@gmail.com
  • Contact: Bob Miller
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans: 1968, 2368, 2678, 2968 (also as Organic), 3368.

Mosher Products, Inc.
Cheyenne WY

  • Phone: 307632-1492 , (cell) 307-630-2566
  • Email: Leonard@wheatandgrain.com
  • Contact: Leonard Mosher
  • Contracts offered: Organic: wheat, corn, barley, oats. Organic feed-grade grain.

Rovey Seed Company, Inc.
Farmersville, IL

  • Phone: 217-227-4541
  • Email: derekr@roveyseed.com
  • Contact: Derek Rovey
  • Contracts offered: Organic white, yellow, and blue corn.

Simmons Grain Co.
Salem, OH

  • Phone: 800-754-1228
  • Email: jeff@simmonsgrain.com
  • Contact: Jeff Simmons
  • Contracts offered: Purchase organic soybeans.

The Andersons, Inc.
Maumee, OH

  • Phone: 419-482-5018
  • Email: organics@andersonsinc.com
  • Contact: Erin Stickel
  • Contracts offered: Organic and non-GMO food and feed ingredients.

Viterra Inc. / Pacific Coast Canola
Warden, WA

  • Phone: 509-730-3619
  • Email: Daniel.stenbakken@viterra.com
  • Contact: Daniel Stenbakken, Agronomist, Viterra
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO canola contracts we offer include basis contracts, deferred delivery contracts, fixed futures contracts and target price agreements.
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