Published: February 12, 2023

Category: GMO News

In a major turn-around, the U.S. biotech company AquaBounty says it will stop
producing its controversial genetically engineered Atlantic salmon in Prince Edward
Island (PEI), Canada.

“This is a huge victory for everyone in PEI and across Canada who protested
against this dangerous technology,” said Sharon Labchuk of the coalition GMO Free
PEI. “Genetically modified fish are unnecessary and risky.”

AquaBounty has decided it will no longer produce GMO fish in Canada, after
raising just two “cohorts” of its GMO salmon at their only Canadian production site
at Rollo Bay, PEI. The decision was reported in the seafood industry media
SeafoodSource, quoting the company’s CEO, Sylvia Wulf.

AquaBounty says it will now convert its Rollo Bay site to producing non-GMO
salmon eggs for aquaculture companies, though AquaBounty will continue to produce
GMO salmon eggs in PEI for grow-out at its remaining GMO salmon factory in
Indiana. AquaBounty is in the first stages of building a second GMO salmon “tank
farm” in Ohio, though local people are opposing construction.

“We’re happy to see AquaBounty is finally beginning to realize that no one actually
wants their GM salmon,” said Leo Broderick of the PEI Chapter of The Council of

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