Published: October 7, 2021

Category: GMO News

By 2023, 10,000 metric tons of genetically modified salmon will come to market each year from a land-based Ohio fish farm being built by AquaBounty.

The developer of the first GM animal approved for human consumption in the U.S. is investing $200 million in a 479,000-square-foot facility, expanding by eight times the capacity of its current farm in Indiana. The Food and Drug Administration approved the GM salmon in 2019; five tons of purchase orders for the controversial “Frankenfish” have been placed.

The salmon has been modified to grow at a faster rate than standard salmon. The fish are raised in a “Recirculating Aquaculture System’ that contains multiple levels of containment designed to prevent contamination of wild salmon populations and prevent disease.

Opponents of the GM salmon worry that zero contamination risk is unlikely; an active campaign to urge large retailers not to purchase the product is underway.

The facility is slated to begin construction by the end of 2021, bringing 112 new jobs to northwest Ohio.

Sources: Agri-Pulse; Food Safety News

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