Non-GMO Initiatives

Hardline U.S. stance ignores non-GMO corn opportunity for U.S. farmers

By Ken Roseboro and Timothy A. Wise U.S. commodity organizations have cheered on the U.S. government as it tries to get Mexico’s restrictions on genetically modified corn declared in violation of our trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, arguing that it cuts farmers’ export markets and sales revenues. But what if Mexico’s modest restrictions could […]

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Mexico’s president signs agreement with tortilla makers to only use non-GMO white corn

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently announced that he will sign an agreement with his country’s tortilla makers that ensures they only use non-GMO white corn while also setting new 50% tariffs on white corn imports. Lopez Obrador said that tariffs on white corn imports from countries that don’t have trade deals with Mexico […]

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“All that’s needed is a market signal,” and U.S. farmers would supply Mexico with non-GMO corn

Corn seed suppliers say the U.S. could meet Mexico’s demand for non-GMO corn U.S. suppliers of non-GMO corn seed are confident that they could supply enough seed to farmers to meet Mexico’s demand for non-GMO corn. “Absolutely no doubt the U.S. could meet Mexico’s demand” “I have absolutely no doubt the United States could meet […]

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Mexico plans to buy non-GMO corn from the U.S., other countries as it moves ahead with GMO ban

U.S. farmers say they can meet Mexico’s needs for non-GMO corn Mexico plans to contract with farmers in the U.S., Argentina, and Brazil to buy non-GMO yellow corn as the country moves closer to its scheduled ban of genetically modified corn in 2024, according to the country’s deputy agriculture minister, Victor Suárez. Mexico to increase […]

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Sugar industry leaders create world’s first, large-scale non-GMO cane sugar supply chain

In response to the introduction of GMO sugarcane, Raízen and ASR Group join forces to provide certified non-GMO cane sugar options to the marketplace When genetically modified soybeans and corn were introduced in the late 1990s, grain suppliers created supply chains to provide non-GMO alternatives of the two crops for customers who preferred non-GMO options. […]

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