Glyphosate and Pesticide Hazards

Bayer loses three Roundup cancer lawsuits, ordered to pay more than $500 million to plaintiffs

Juries in St. Louis, Philadelphia, and California have found Bayer liable in three lawsuits, ruling that the company must pay millions of dollars to three men who claim that their exposure to Bayer’s Roundup herbicide caused their cancers. Prior to the three plaintiff victories, Bayer had wone nine Roundup-cancer trials after losing the first three. […]

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New study: Agricultural pesticides cause widespread harm to soil health, threaten biodiversity

Most comprehensive review ever conducted of pesticide impacts on soil finds harm to beneficial invertebrates like beetles, earthworms in 71% of cases   A new study published recently by the academic journal Frontiers in Environmental Science finds that pesticides widely used in American agriculture pose a grave threat to organisms that are critical to healthy soil, biodiversity and soil carbon sequestration to fight climate change. Yet, those harms are not considered by U.S. regulators.    The study, by researchers at […]

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Glyphosate and Roundup disturb gut microbiome and blood biochemistry at doses that regulators claim to be safe

New study reveals evidence for potential cancer-causing damage. By Claire Robinson Glyphosate and the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup disrupt the gut microbiome by the same mechanism by which the chemical acts as a weedkiller, and these effects happen even at low doses that regulators claim to be safe, a newly published study has found.[1] The new study was […]

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The Heartland Study to measure health, generational impacts of herbicides on mothers, infants in Midwest

A new in-depth study has been launched to measure the health effects of herbicides such as glyphosate, dicamba, and 2,4-D on mothers and infants living in the midwestern United States. The Heartland Study will try to answer the question: Is rising herbicide exposure leading to reproductive problems, adverse birth outcomes or developmental delays in America’s […]

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Days are numbered for pre-harvest use of glyphosate

With major food and grain companies cracking down on farmers spraying glyphosate on crops such as wheat, oats, and edible beans prior to harvest, the controversial practice may be phased out completely. In July, Richardson International, Canada’s largest agribusiness, announced that starting next year it would no longer buy oats that had been sprayed with […]

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