Upcycled Food Association aims to provide innovative solutions to food waste

Mitigating climate change requires a range of solutions to attack the problem from all sides. Regenerative agriculture with its emphasis on soil health to sequester atmospheric carbon is one solution. Addressing the massive problem of food waste is another. A new organization, Upcycled Food Association, has been established whose members are eliminating food waste by […]

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Les Fermes Longprés: Regenerative for generations

By Rob Wallbridge Many organic farms can point to increased biodiversity and enhanced soil health as the result of their management practices. At Les Ferme Longprés in Quebec, the Dewavrin family has made conserving soil their central principle, and they have continually adapted their management with this goal in mind. The difference may seem subtle, […]

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Renewal Mill to upcycle flour from oat milk waste

Upcycling company offers solution to fast-growing oat milk market’s food waste problem Upcycling food ingredient manufacturer Renewal Mill recently announced plans to convert the leftover pulp from oat milk production into flour. Renewal Mill launched a $1 million crowdfunding campaign to support the oat flour upcycling project. Renewal Mill chose to upcycle oat flour because […]

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Organic corn and soybeans expected to see record harvests in 2020

But corn and soybean prices, which traditionally move in tandem, are diverging

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New test for gene edited crops will help organic and non-GMO food sectors keep new GMOs under control

In September, a group of non-governmental organizations, non-GMO food associations, and a food retailer announced that the first-ever public detection method for a gene-edited crop had been successfully developed and published. The gene-edited crop is an herbicide-tolerant canola, called SU Canola, developed by U.S. biotechnology company Cibus. John Fagan, Ph.D., CEO and chief science officer of Health […]

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