Non-GMO Plant Breeding

Can hybrid non-GMO seeds revolutionize global potato production?

Solynta’s innovative hybrid potato seeds offer faster breeding times, resistance to late blight, reduced pesticide use Late blight is a devastating fungal disease that ravages potato farming and is primarily responsible for Ireland’s Great Famine of the mid-1800s that killed one million people. Late blight still wreaks havoc on potato farms worldwide, causing more than […]

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Equinom innovates “farm to fork” approach to non-GMO seed breeding

Seed breeding company enhances plant-based food applications with “smarter” seeds Large seed companies will develop new seed varieties with farmers in mind, aiming to increase yields. They don’t usually consider end uses of seeds by food manufacturers. An innovative plant-tech company is reversing that approach by working with food companies first and developing seed varieties […]

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The coming obsolescence of GMO seeds

For the $55 billion genetically modified seed industry, the news hasn’t been good lately. The great “successes” of Bt corn and cotton seeds are turning to failure as insects such as corn rootworms and cotton bollworms are developing resistance to the GMO crops. As a result, farmers have to spray more toxic insecticides to kill […]

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Iroquois White Corn Project: Revive, restore, and regenerate with indigenous seed

Iroquois white corn was a staple of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) diet for over a thousand years. Dr. John Mohawk (Seneca) and Dr. Yvonne Dion-Buffalo (Samson Cree) were inspired to restore the cultivation, daily consumption, and distribution of this traditional nutritious corn for the Iroquois people—while fostering job opportunities for Native American youth. Peter Jemison (Heron […]

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Non-GMO corn seed outperforming GM seed in field trials

Runs contrary to biotech industry claim that GM seeds produce greater yields than non-GMO varieties

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