Organic and Non-GMO Company Profiles

SIMPLi empowers farming communities through its Regenerative Organic Certified supply chains

The power elicited from simplifying—it’s a cornerstone of SIMPLi, a leading Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC) brand offering single-origin plant-based products. Eight ROC SIMPLi products were rolled out at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide this spring. Founded in 2020 by native Peruvian Sarela Herrada and her husband Matt Cohen, SIMPLi partners directly with farmers worldwide, creating […]

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Illinois farmer aims to inspire next generations to farm organically

Janie’s Farm Organics provides “guiding north star” for organic success Life sometimes works in mysterious ways and can even guide us in the right direction. Take Harold Wilken, an organic farmer in Danforth, Illinois. While farming conventionally, Wilken had bad experiences with pesticides—a common experience of conventional farmers. In 1992, he was accidently sprayed with […]

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Alexandre Family Farm’s Regenerative Organic model for dairy farming—rooted in the soil and family tradition

It’s not as if owners Blake and Stephanie Alexandre were new to dairy—both grew up on dairy farms and both are 4th generation farmers. But they took a turn in the late 1990s, converting their dairy to organic production—embracing practices their grandparents used—to create a flourishing ecosystem on 4,300 acres in northern California, a mile […]

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Tapping the hidden potential of pongamia trees to benefit people and the planet

Terviva produces new food sources—oil, protein, and flour—from climate resilient trees Climate change with its extreme weather events such as floods and droughts is impacting agriculture worldwide. Farming and food production will have to become more resilient to withstand these changes. A tree that grows wild in India offers a solution, one that could help […]

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Origin Milk aims to bring innovation and disruption to dairy with regenerative organic and A2 milk

The U.S. dairy industry is facing challenges with small family dairy farms going out of business, growing consumer demand for plant-based dairy alternatives, and increasing awareness of the negative environmental impacts of large dairies. Amidst these big problems, one small company wants to fundamentally change dairy production to a regenerative organic, nutrient-dense, and environmentally- and […]

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