Organic and Non-GMO Company Profiles

Montana lentil farmers go against the grain to build thriving organic business

Timeless Seeds’s “lentil underground” continues to grow, producing nutrient-dense specialty crops while regenerating Montana’s soils and rural communities David Oien doesn’t seem like a renegade. He’s a friendly, down-to-earth, third-generation Montana farmer. But David and his fellow farmers at Timeless Seeds are renegades. In Montana, a state dominated by conventional wheat, David and Timeless Seeds went […]

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Building direct brand-farmer relationships is essential to ensuring integrity of organic cotton

Gallant International sources regenerative organic cotton directly from organic farmers in India The integrity of organic cotton in India was called into question earlier this year when the New York Times published an investigative report claiming to uncover significant fraud in the country’s supply. The article said that as much as four-fifths of India’s organic cotton supply was actually […]

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BASS Hybrids’ non-GMO corn seed is making waves in the U.S. Corn Belt—and Kazakhstan

In the search for crops that are resilient, high-yielding, and sustainable, Ed Baumgartner, president of BASS Hybrids, has uncovered a niche growing non-genetically modified corn seed. In the tricky, pandemic-impacted terrain of agriculture, his solution is promising. His seeds have even found a fruitful home in Kazakhstan—where farmers use the nutritious crops to feed a growing […]

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Hälsa oatmilk yogurt: taking clean label to another level

What “100% clean” means, and why it matters Behind a little (5.3 oz) container of Hälsa Oatgurt™, and woven into its packing label, lies a grand story of innovation, persistence, and passion to bring gut health to people and to our challenged planet. Helena Lumme and Mika Manninen, co-founders of Hälsa Foods (Hälsa means “health” […]

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Upcycled food: NETZRO among trailblazers converting food waste into nutritious food products

What’s the number one solution to mitigating climate change, according to Project Drawdown? Eliminating food waste. Nearly 40% of food produced in the U.S.—126 billion pounds each year—is tossed or dumped into landfills where it emits methane gas, a major contributor to climate change. Worldwide that represents a food loss of over $1 trillion. With […]

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