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GMO sugarcane: “Bad for the environment, soil, and human health”

Brazil ramps up production of GMO sugarcane despite success of regenerative agriculture methods; Non-GMO Project Verified sugar options are available Brazil is increasing production of genetically modified sugarcane this year but a leading producer of regenerative organic sugarcane says GMO sugar is bad for the environment and will only provide short-term solution to pest problems. […]

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Mexico’s highest court rejects appeal of GM corn ban

By Timothy Wise Bayer/Monsanto suffered another in a long string of setbacks in its battle to grow genetically modified (GM) corn in Mexico when the country’s highest court on October 13 refused to overturn a precautionary injunction restricting the cultivation of GM corn. In its unanimous decision, the court agreed with the citizen petitioners who […]

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Mayan beekeeper who fought Monsanto GMO plantings in Mexico wins Goldman Environmental Prize

Leydy Pech, a Mayan beekeeper who led a coalition that stopped Monsanto from planting genetically modified crops in seven states in southern Mexico, was recently awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize. Pech, a 55-year-old Indigenous woman from the state of Campeche in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, works with a rare, stingless, native bee species (Melipona beecheii) that […]

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Fourth edition of leading book on GMO risks published with new chapter on gene editing

GMO Myths and Truths explains the threat to food safety and environment posed by gene-edited GMOs

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FDA lifts import ban, clears path for GMO salmon to be sold in U.S.

In March, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lifted a 2016 ban on imports of genetically modified salmon eggs to an Indiana facility, where producer AquaBounty will grow the salmon and sell it to consumers. AquAdvantage, an Atlantic salmon modified with DNA from other fish species, is the first genetically modified animal approved for human […]

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