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Mexico is right to reject GMO tortillas

High Levels of Genetically Engineered Toxins and Glyphosate in GMO Corn Pose Serious Health Risks in Mexico By: Charles Benbrook, PhD and Kendra Klein, PhD A trade dispute between Mexico and the U.S. over genetically engineered (GMO) corn is pitting science against the power of the pesticide industry. On both sides of the border, and […]

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New book reveals the “barons” that dominate America’s food industry

Wealthy “robber barons” of the late 19th century like Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller were known for ruthless, unethical business practices. A new book describes how modern-day robber barons dominate America’s food industry. In Barons: Money, Power, and the Corruption of America’s Food Industry, agricultural and antitrust expert Austin Frerick tells the […]

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Mexican scientists refute U.S., Canadian claims of genetically modified corn’s safety

Genetically modified corn poses a threat to species of corn and other basic food staples in Mexico, scientists said. By Cody Copeland Genetically modified corn is not safe for human consumption and threatens biodiversity in Mexico, several scientists said recently. They made their statements as Mexico fights a bitter trade dispute with the U.S. and […]

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Not so natural: Whole Foods faces consumer backlash for selling GMO sweet corn

Campaign urges natural food retailer to stop selling GMO sweet corn Whole Foods Market is facing increasing criticism by consumer advocates for selling genetically engineered sweet corn in many of its stores in the U.S. Toxin Free USA, a nonprofit dedicated to consumer protection and education, is spearheading a campaign urging the natural food retailer […]

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GMO sugarcane: “Bad for the environment, soil, and human health”

Brazil ramps up production of GMO sugarcane despite success of regenerative agriculture methods; Non-GMO Project Verified sugar options are available Brazil is increasing production of genetically modified sugarcane this year but a leading producer of regenerative organic sugarcane says GMO sugar is bad for the environment and will only provide short-term solution to pest problems. […]

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