Organic and Non-GMO Farmer Profiles

The successful switch to organic

By Brianna Gwirtz, Ohio Country Journal field reporter The most dangerous phrase to any multigenerational business is, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Scott Myers is the third generation to farm at Woodlyn Acres Farm in Dalton. While away in college at the Ohio State University, Myers focused all his time on figuring out ways to return […]

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Iowa farmer-poet offers new paradigm of agriculture

The longer I farm the more I find I’ve got weeds of every kind. Hit ‘em with Roundup—chemical blast At first, they died but it did not last. Hit ‘em a second time at a double rate Now food smells of glyphosate on my plate. I’m sick of poison, the bitter taste. You can’t beat […]

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Nebraska family farm takes the plunge into organic production

By Jessica Votipka It took some convincing, a lot of thinking and plenty of innovating, but the Heinze Family in Bradshaw, Nebraska, took on an organic farming adventure. Originally a conventionally-run farm, one of those crops translated into an ideal transition into organic farming—but it took time. “For a number of years, we had been […]

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Les Fermes Longprés: Regenerative for generations

By Rob Wallbridge Many organic farms can point to increased biodiversity and enhanced soil health as the result of their management practices. At Les Ferme Longprés in Quebec, the Dewavrin family has made conserving soil their central principle, and they have continually adapted their management with this goal in mind. The difference may seem subtle, […]

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Organic farmers receive death threat over their opposition to hog confinement

Hog CAFO threatens health of farming couple, Randy and Crystal Clair, and their organic farm One day in July, Crystal Clair received a strange package in the mail. She opened it and found a round piece of wire with tiny teeth like those on a saw blade. She didn’t know what it was but when […]

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