Modified: A journey into the heart of food

Filmmaker Aube Giroux began this project with a question: why are genetically modified organisms not labeled in Canada or the U.S., despite being labeled in 64 other countries? The result is a visually beautiful, informative foray into the facts about GMOs, efforts to have them labeled, and how individuals are protecting the choice—and quality—of what […]

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A full belly nourishes a full soul

Soulfull Project’s nutritious hot cereal a boon to food banks

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Number of U.S. certified organic farms increased 13 percent in 2017

Domestic production of organic corn and soybeans increasing to help reduce dependence on imports

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Whitewash book reveals “strategic deception” about safety of Roundup weed-killer

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. with more than 300 million pounds sprayed every year, mostly with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready genetically modified crops. Despite Monsanto’s claims of safety, there have been growing concerns about negative health and environmental impacts of glyphosate, backed by a […]

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New certification aims to make organic regenerative

Regenerative Organic Certification fills gaps in organic rules around soil health, worker fairness, and animal welfare.

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