SEMEAR conference to focus on global non-GMO food production

Published: April 1, 2011

Category: Non-GMO Market News

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Global experts in non-genetically modified food production will converge in São Paulo, Brazil in May for SEMEAR 2011, the Brazilian Summit of the Non-GMO Products and Seeds Market.

Hosted by ABRANGE, the Brazilian Association of Non-GMO Grain Producers, SEMEAR will initiate a new phase of the market for non-GMO seeds and products in Brazil and the world.

Brazil is a logical location for the conference since the country is the world’s leading producer of non-GMO soybeans.

Conference participants will gain a global perspective on the production of non-GMO seeds and foods and help in the planning and growth of the non-GMO market.

The objectives of SEMEAR 2011 are the following:

  • Foster the growth of the market and business of non-transgenic products, approaching exporters, importers and producers of seeds

  • Foster the production and stimulate the development of new varieties of non-GMO seeds to the market

  • Stimulate the invention of models and tools of commercialization of the production of non-GMO grains and products with buyer markets and collaborate in the planning of rural production and in planting decisions

  • Exchange experiences, technical information, and market data among the participants

  • Show the potential of Brazil in the production of non-GMO grains

Educational sessions will cover a wide range of topics including the Basel Criteria for sustainable soybean production, development of new non-GMO soybean seed varieties, world consumer demand for non-GMO food, organic foods, non-GMO food labeling trends in Europe, Brazil, and the United States, and projections of non-GMO grain suppliers over the next five years.

The conference will be useful to many participants in the food production chain, including suppliers, seed producers, grain processors, traders, food manufacturers and retailers, and government policy makers.

SEMEAR 2011 will be held May 10-11 at Tivoli São Paulo Mofarrej - 5* in São Paulo, Brazil.

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