Grain buyers offer contracts to grow organic and non-GMO grains in 2024

The following companies are offering contracts to farmers to grow non-GMO and organic grains in 2024: Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, Jeffersonville, OH Phone: 740-426-6683 Email: alanm@bluegrassfarmsohio.com Contact: Alan McElwain Contracts offered: Non-GMO and organic soybeans contracts. Clark Specialty Grains, Gothenburg, NE Phone: 308-537-2004 Email:clark@clarkspecialtygrains.com Contact:Jim Clark Contracts offered:Organic and conventional food-grade non-GMO yellow, white, blue, […]

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Can hybrid non-GMO seeds revolutionize global potato production?

Solynta’s innovative hybrid potato seeds offer faster breeding times, resistance to late blight, reduced pesticide use Late blight is a devastating fungal disease that ravages potato farming and is primarily responsible for Ireland’s Great Famine of the mid-1800s that killed one million people. Late blight still wreaks havoc on potato farms worldwide, causing more than […]

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Native American tribe launches regenerative ag project to transform tribal agriculture

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska’s Center for Excellence for Regenerative Native Agriculture aims to diversify tribal farm lands, revive indigenous practices that mimic Mother Nature For the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, preserving its 12,000 acres—particularly its 3,500-4,000 farmed acres—is an urgent priority. Conventional agriculture’s input-driven monoculture and topsoil depleting practices, with increasing […]

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