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The biotech industry’s assault on balanced journalism

GMO proponents pressuring Reuters to remove journalist who presents both sides of GMO debate Good journalism is founded on balance and fairness. This means presenting several sides of a story or points of view to help readers gain a more comprehensive perspective on a topic. Without balance, news can be skewed to a particular point […]

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GMO Labeling: Darkness and Light

Fifteen years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration conducted consumer focus groups on labeling genetically modified foods. The FDA found, as most other surveys do, that “virtually all participants said that bioengineered foods should be labeled as such.” Many focus group participants expressed outrage that GM foods had been “snuck in” to the food […]

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Zero tolerance for a different perspective on GMOs

How an “emeritus professor” resorted to insults when I disputed his GMO “facts” By Ken Roseboro Genetically engineered food is a divisive topic that can generate strong emotions. Some people have the ability to “agree to disagree” and be respectful of another person’s opinion. Others argue and resort to insults and personal attacks, which unfortunately […]

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America’s Immune Response to GMOs

In his excellent book “Blessed Unrest” noted author and entrepreneur Paul Hawken describes the millions of groups worldwide—“ranging from neighborhood organizations to well-funded international organizations”—working to protect the environment and fighting for social justice and human rights. Hawken says that this massive social movement acts as the immune system of the planet. In the same […]

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