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Grain Processing Corporation acquires Natural Products, Inc.

Muscatine, Iowa-based Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) has purchased Grinnell, Iowa-based Natural Products, Inc. (NPI). NPI produces full-fat soy ingredients made from non-GMO or certified organic soybeans. It also processes chickpeas, oats, and other grains and beans. “Consumers today want transparency, pristine quality, and assurance their food is healthy and made to the highest quality standards,” […]

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Bees boost crops and could steady food prices

Supporting and enhancing pollinators could help stabilize the production of important crops like oilseeds and fruit, reducing the sort of uncertainty that causes food price spikes, new research has shown. Scientists at the University of Reading analyzed years of data on the poorly understood effect of pollinators on crop yield stability. They found there was […]

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Being near pollinator habitat boosts soybean size

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found that soybean crops planted near pollinator habitat produce larger soybeans than soybean crops that are not planted near pollinator habitat. “Even though soybeans are not thought of as being dependent on pollinators, we found that soybean plants are still attractive to bees,” says Hannah Levenson, a postdoctoral […]

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Did Sri Lanka’s transition to organic farming cause political crisis?

With the Sri Lankan president forced to resign and the country in economic shambles, did a sudden ban on chemical fertilizers play a role? Although right-wing herbicide proponents claim it did, David LaBorde of the International Food Policy Research Institute sees it otherwise. He noted that while Rajapaksa’s abrupt ban on chemical fertilizers did jolt […]

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At subcommittee hearing, farmers and experts highlight need for regenerative agriculture amid worsening climate crisis

In July, U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna, Chair of the Subcommittee on Environment, held a hearing to examine regenerative agriculture, the role it can play in preventing the worst of the climate crisis while protecting food supply, and the urgent need to reform federal policies that unjustly favor corporate agribusiness, often at the expense of family farmers. “Climate […]

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