Tests show that “gene blocking” corn prevents GMO contamination

Published: February 28, 2013

Category: GMO Contamination

Corn prevents gmo contamination

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PuraMaize© naturally impedes fertilization/contamination from GMO and blue corn pollen

New varieties of organic corn that contain a naturally occurring gene blocking trait have been found to significantly reduce cross-pollination from genetically modified corn.

Farmers from eleven states planted PuraMaize in 2012. Samples from the 2012 grain harvest, tested by an independent testing agency, Genetic ID of Fairfield, Iowa, rated a “GMO Not Detected, negative at the operational limit of 0.05%.” 

“These findings affirm our confidence in PuraMaize to perform as expected, making it possible for the organic farmer to grow a GMO-free crop,” says Maury Johnson, founder of Blue River Hybrids.

The corn varieties known as PuraMaize were developed by Blue River Hybrids, an Iowa-based organic seed company. Blue River introduced three PuraMaize hybrids in 2012: 47PM37cnv (102 day), 58PM36 organic (107 day), and 71PM50cnv (114 day).

Corn tested negative for GMOs

“Grain buyers want assurance that grain will be free from GMO contamination, and PuraMaize offers just that,” Johnson says. “PuraMaize is highly effective in protecting corn from GMO field drift, and with our PuraMaize Corn Hybrids grain farmers and buyers have a powerful new tool at their disposal for preserving non-GMO integrity.”

PuraMaize is a pollen recognition system, which strongly prefers its own pollen. When GMO pollen drifts onto the silk of PuraMaize corn hybrids, the “foreign” pollen is quickly overtaken by the PuraMaize pollen which travels down the silk channel at a faster rate and fertilizes the ovule first. As a pollen recognition system, PuraMaize does not affect the growth of the plant nor grain fill of the developing ear. Likewise, it does not alter taste or other functional properties.

“PuraMaize hybrids are agronomically sound, with competitive yields, and are offered in the best genetics available today,” says Johnson.

For more information contact Maury Johnson at maury@blueriverorgseed.com or 800-370-7979.


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