2011 non-GMO and organic grain production contracts

The following companies will contract with farmers to grow non-GMO and organic grains in 2011.

Cashton Farm Supply / CFS Specialties
Cashton, WI

  • Phone: 800-822-6671
  • Email: organic@cfspecial.com
  • Contact: Ernie Peterson
  • Contracts offered: Organic shell corn and organic soybeans 

Citizens, LLC
Charlotte, MI

  • Phone: 517-541-1449
  • Cell Phone: 989-413-0384 
  • Email: motz.jan@gmail.com
  • Contact: Jan Motz
  • Contracts offered: 3 varieties of non-GMO high protein soybean contracts
  • Premiums: $1.50 to $2.00 over CME

DeBruce Grain, Inc.
Creston, IA

  • Phone: 641-782-1900 
  • Email: dmichaelson@debruce.com 
  • Contact: Dean Michaelson 
  • Contracts offered: Premiums for Non-GMO soybeans

Meadowland Soy
Grand Meadow MN 

  • Phone: 507-459-5151
  • Email: meadowlandsoy@hmtel.com
  • Contact: Lon Baldus
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans for natto, tofu, and other soy products.  Private and public varieties.
  • Premiums offered: Premiums vary upon type of variety

Premium Ag Products
Clarence, MO

  • Phone: 660-699-2340
  • Email: dimmitt@premiumagproducts.com
  • Contact:  G.W. Dimmitt
  • Contracts offered:  Non-GMO grains (IP)—corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum
  • Premiums offered: Premiums paid based on variety

SB&B Foods, Inc.
Casselton, ND

  • Phone: 701-347-4900
  • Email: foods@sb-b.com
  • Contact: Scott or Mark
  • Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans

SK Food International 
Fargo, ND 

  • Phone: 701-356-4106 
  • Email: skfood@skfood.com     
  • Contact: Joel Owen 
  • Contracts offered: Certified organic soybeans, flax, edible beans, lentils; conventional non-GMO soybeans for natto, soymilk 
  • Premiums offered: Over CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)

The Scoular Company
Omaha, NE  

  • Contacts: Greg Lickteig, Kevin Dvorak, Chris Arnold, Tom McKenna, Brandon Gutzmann
  • Phone: 800-488-3500 / 402-342-3500 / 402-850-7770
  • Email: IPGrain@Scoular.com
  • Internet: www.Scoular.com
  • Contracts: Conventional non-GMO: soybeans, corn, hard endosperm corn, waxy corn, sorghum, starch grains. Organic:  corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, small grains, fertilizer

Mattoon, IL 

  • Phone:  217-235-1020
  • Email:  maggie@ussoy.com
  • Contact:   Maggie Garner
  • Contracts offered: US Soy variety conventional, non-GMO and organic food-grade soybeans

Zeeland Farm Services, Inc./Zeeland Food Services, Inc.
Zeeland, MI

  • Phone: 616-748-1819
  • Email: darwinr@zfsinc.com
  • Contact:  Darwin Rader
  • Contracts offered: clear hilum, high protein food-grade soybeans
  • Premiums offered: Will vary by region and variety

(Copyright The Organic & Non-GMO Report, December/January 2011)