More consumers buying non-GMO foods, want more non-GMO info

By Ken Roseboro
Published: February 1, 2012

Category: Consumer Attitudes

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A recent survey by Mambo Sprouts Marketing, a market research firm based in Collingswood, NJ, found that 93% of health and natural product consumers are buying non-GMO food products and want more information about non-GMO products.

Mambo Sprouts surveyed the buying habits of 1,000 health and natural product consumers to get an outlook on market trends for the coming year.

The survey found that consumers are buying non-GMO products (93%) more than any category other than organic (99%) including antibiotic free and hormone free meat and poultry (85%) and gluten free foods (69%).

In addition, 56% of consumers plant to increase purchases of non-GMO products in 2012, again more than any category other than organic.

Among those consumers who seek out non-GMO foods (66%), a large majority (85%) want food products to be specifically certified and labeled as non-GMO. Perhaps more importantly, seven in ten (70%) expect that products labeled “USDA Organic” are non-GMO. This compares to just 41% of consumers who expect “natural” products to be non-GMO. To that end, two in three (67%) wish their favorite retail stores provided more information about non-GMO such as signage, special sections and advertising features.

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