New film details health dangers of GM foods

By Ken Roseboro

Published: December 11, 2012

Category: GMO Food Health Risks

Genetic Roulette film

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Genetic Roulette is a powerful new film detailing the health dangers of genetically modified foods. It is a compelling indictment of the GM food experiment that has been foisted on the American public without consumer knowledge or consent.

The film begins with an overview of the health problems experienced by Americans since the introduction of GM foods in the mid-1990s with quotes from health professionals describing the illnesses they are seeing.

The film proceeds in a logical sequence describing what GM foods are, how they are created, and the dangers of the technology; the US Food and Drug Administration’s corrupt policy toward GM foods that was opposed by the agency’s own scientists; evidence of health problems that may be resulting from consuming GM foods including allergies, intestinal problems, autism, and birth defects; and GMO impacts on children and farm animals.

The descriptions of health dangers are particularly disturbing though creative animation adds some humor. And each of the health dangers is introduced by a spinning roulette wheel that stops at each one.

Interviews with health and agriculture experts play a prominent role in the film. Several doctors describe how they recommend that their patients avoid eating GM foods. Dr. Emily Linder, who specializes in internal medicine in the Chicago, IL area, says, “One thing that’s consistent in every single patient is removal of GMOs.”

Testimonials describing benefits of non-GMO diets

In fact, with its many testimonials from health practitioners and individuals, the film makes a compelling case for the health-giving benefits of eating a non-GMO diet

A mother named Maria Mills described how her son suffered a severe allergic reaction after eating raw corn. Robyn O’Brien, founder of Allergy Kids, described her child’s food allergies and how she removed all GM foods from their diet. Curt Linderman, founder of AutismOne Radio, said his 10-year-old autistic son’s health improved after putting him on an organic diet and removing GM foods.

Ashley Koff, an internationally renowned registered dietician, says: “I have seen firsthand exponential growth in allergies and yet, when I improve the quality of my patient’s diets, meaning prescribing a non-GMO diet, prescribing organic foods, their symptoms go away.”

Genetic Roulette also provides practical tips for consumers who want to avoid GM foods.

Beyond detailing the health risks of GM foods, Genetic Roulette is comprehensive in covering other key issues surrounding GM foods. It debunks the myths promoted by GMO proponents that GM crops increase yields, reduce pesticide use, and will help feed the world.

“It’s not about feeding the world, it’s not about the blind will see and the lame shall walk, it’s about chemical companies selling chemicals,” says Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety.

Genetic Roulette is a compelling and disturbing exposé about GM foods, but its message is positive by showing how individuals can improve their health by eating non-GMO foods and can work together to remove GMOs from the food supply.

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