Brazilian, German non-GMO associations establish partnership

By Daniel Coelho
Published: July 21, 2011

Category: Non-GMO Initiatives

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Brazil’s association of non-GMO grain producers recently established a partnership with Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik (VLOG), the German association of GM-free foods. VLOG includes over 100 companies involved in trade and supply of feed and foods without GMOs. Altogether, VLOG members’ sales represent a volume of 6 billion Euros per year, according to the latest figures.

VLOG promotes a government-provided label called “Ohne Gentechnik”

(GM-free). In supermarket shelves products offering the “GM-free guarantee” usually achieve a higher price compared to regular products.

Jochen Koester, VLOG’s vice-president, says that “our members are keenly interested in the continued availability of claimable and certified non-GMO soy raw materials for many years to come. With the volume of claimed (Ohne Gentechnik) products expanding, the demand for Non-GMO soy meal is likely to increase. The partnership with ABRANGE clearly proves the feeling I have had for quite some time: ABRANGE and VLOG are the right organizations to talk to each other when it comes to discussing the enhancement of the Non-GMO sector in the supply chain for Non-GMO foods.”

Daniel Coelho is an agribusiness journalist based in Brazil. He can be reached at

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