Kansas Governor blocks attempt to restrict rBGH-free labels

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius recently vetoed a bill passed by the Kansas legislature that would have restricted labeling of dairy products not derived from cows injected with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, rBGH.

The bill, HB 2121, stated that any dairy product label that contains statements such as “No Hormones,” “Hormone Free,” “rBST Free,” or “rBGH Free” would be deemed false and misleading.

Sebelius cited “overwhelming opposition” to HB 2121 by consumer groups, dairy producers, and retailers. She said the bill negatively impacts a dairy producer’s ability to inform consumers that milk is from cows not treated with rBGH. She said the bill would also make it more difficult “to provide consumers with clear information” and would contribute to a “patchwork of labeling regulations that would make it too expensive, in an already troubled economy, to provide consumers with information regarding the dairy products they purchase.”

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