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UK-based group partners with Argentina to boost non-GMO-soy production

In Argentina, the food industry accounts for 62 percent of exports—400,000 tons of it in non-GMO corn—and occupies a global presence in key commodities. The country’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council and the Argentine Farming Association (AACREA) are teaming up with the UK’s N8 Agrifood, an organization of universities researching agricultural resilient and business […]

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Brazilian company’s non-GMO corn products bolster global market

Brazil’s Milhao Corn Ingredients, one of the world’s largest corn processors, opened a new facility in Goias last year to expand its production of over 25 non-genetically modified corn derivatives. The R&D team plans to supply more niche markets with non-GMO flours, grits, and hominy; the facility’s capacity is 18,000 tons per month, expandable to […]

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EU food and feed companies welcome ruling to safeguarding non-GMO food production

Seventy-five non-GMO food and feed companies from 10 European countries welcome the clear legal objectives resulting from the judgment of the European Court of Justice on new genetic engineering methods published in July 2018. In an open letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, the companies call on the EU […]

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Manitoba targeted for non-GMO soybean production to fill export opportunity

Though Western Canada has been dominated by genetically modified soybean acres, seed companies are developing high protein varieties to expand Manitoba’s Red River Valley non-GMO soy production. In contrast to Ontario and Quebec, food grade soybeans are very scarce in Manitoba and Saskatchewan—less than 1 percent of soybean output in Manitoba. Quebec and Ontario growers […]

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U.S. start-up nurtures market for organic and non-GMO crops

Surging consumer demand led entrepreneurs to establish “identity preserved” venue

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